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1100 Boulevard Maloney Ouest
Gatineau, QC J8T 6G3

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We are a retail company selling clothing, cosmetic contact lenses, and accessories in Ottawa, and we've been in the retail business for over 30 years. Our flagship store is based on Rideau Street in Ottawa, ON and coolcontacts.ca is our online branch specializing in cosmetic and theatrical contact lenses for Canadians.



With a lack of online cosmetic contacts for Canadian contact wearers, music video producers and indie filmmakers, we decided to open our brand of contact lenses to the rest of Canada by launching this online store. We know how it is to order a product from the United States, United Kingdom or elsewhere only to receive it attached to a giant receipt for duties, customs, brokerage fees and a bunch of other fees charged at the border - plus, we can ship your product much faster since we are in Canada too!

Contact lenses are considered medical devices in Canada, and purchasing contact lenses internationally may cause importation issues and declines at the border if the medical device is not approved by Health Canada. We have taken steps to ensure the safety of our product, all of our contact lenses are registered as Class II Medical Devices in Canada and are approved by Health Canada. This means that you can shop confidently knowing that the contacts you're wearing are safe to use and manufactured to Health Canada's specifications.



We will never sell or rent your information to anyone. If you are at all concerned, please read our Privacy policy here.



Feedback is the single most important thing for us, we want to hear from you! We want to know how we can do better. We want to know if we are friendly enough. We want to know if you loved your purchase, and we want to know if you would buy from us again!

You should definitely drop us a line at info@coolcontacts.ca. Feel free to send us a photo of yourself wearing your sweet lenses and we might post it on the product page or our social media!

Looking for a lens design that we don't carry? Let us know!



Visit us online at trivium.ca or if you're in Ottawa, come check us out!